Great Places to Visit in Boston

Do you travel a lot? In our current trend traveling is now part of our daily lives. It can be for different purpose either for business or leisure. Are you having a great time in traveling? It is important that you really enjoy your travel. This will help release the tension of being on the road, the sea or on air for several hours. There are thousands of destinations around the world and one of which is the city of Boston. As you read along this topic you will be able to know the famous destinations in Boston. In addition we will also be giving you information about some great restaurants and hotels that offers a cheaper accommodation. You should always remember that you have to use your budget wisely when traveling destinations like Boston. This is because Boston is a city and it is expected that business is all around you like malls and street side stores. Souvenirs are also great things to collect when traveling. This will help you treasure the moment in the city of Boston. You may place this first on top of your shopping list if possible. You can find these things in a souvenir shop around Boston especially in malls and minimarts.

To begin let us know first the place and its geographical location. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. It has a total area of 89.6 square miles. It is located east of New York and is near the North Atlantic Ocean. Boston owns a total population of around 600,000. This place was founded by a colonist from England around the year 1630 and since then there were different activities happened in the place. We can see that Boston is now improving. It is evident to the buildings and different establishments it has now. It has a growing population because of its good economy and environment. Boston is also considered as the center of education due to its different colleges found all around the city and most of it are medical schools. Aside from that Boston also has numerous technological companies.  This brought a major contribution to the city’s economy.

Since we already know some information about Boston let us now start with the city’s famous destinations. The first destination is the Boston public garden. It is a very large rectangular shaped garden having a total area of around twenty four acre located inside Boston. It composes beautiful open space filled with greens and colorful flowers. It also has a lake and a four acre pond. What is great about this garden is that during a specific season there will be a lot of swans living in the pond. Because of this the public officials decided to create a swan boat which is now known to be a famous tourist attraction.

Next is the old north church. This is located at the north of Boston. It is the oldest church inside the city and is now considered as one of the historic landmarks of Boston. Today the church is now one of the great tourist attractions inside the city. That’s all for the destinations now let’s go on to some cheap hotels and great restaurants inside Boston. The Colonnade Hotel is one of the cheapest hotels in the city that offers great amenities. This is the only hotel in the city that has a rooftop pool which you can enjoy. If you want to stay near the Boston’s airport you may stay in the Boston Logan Airport. This is an airport hotel that offers shuttle service to all airports around Boston. What is great about their shuttle bus is that it is run through the use of bio-diesel fuel which is an environment friendly.

Now let’s head on to the famous restaurant. It is no other than the Jacob Wirth restaurant. It is located at the heart of Boston. Because of its great foods the restaurant received several awards. It is said to be that this is one of the oldest restaurant in the city. They offer foods from German styles to American favorites. You will surely enjoy your dinning experience in this famous restaurant in Boston.