All about the World of Comics

Comic books have long been entertaining audiences and captivating the imaginations of a vast number of people. Before, comic books have been regarded as mere childrens books because they are favorite pastimes for kids and youngsters. However, over time, the idea of reading comic books to decline with age was put into trash. Although a lot of comic book readers started reading while they were still kids, many others still, due to its tremendous appeal, just recently got hooked to their favorite comic series.

The actual origin of comic books is not really known. However, a 40 page long comic book entitled The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck was the first ever comic book written in 1837. This comic is very far-off different from the comic books we have today. We cannot see the usual dialogues in word balloons but instead a text keyed in at the bottom of each pane to describe the story. Rudolphe Topffer was the creator of the comic strip in 1827.

The modern comic book, flared up in the 1930′s and one of the pre-launchers to publish 40 issues was The Whitman Publishing Company, in 1934. This was in black and white hardcover reprint. Famous Funnies was the first regularly published comic in the more identifiable format which memorably featured characters such as Joe Palooka, Buck Rogers and Mutt and Jeff. By 1938, superhero took a strong grip with one of the comic industrys big names, Max C. Gaines, brought Superman to Dell Comics publishing, which, still exist up to this day.

So whats with comic books that made its industry earn multi billion dollars per annum? Comics, as the name implies, have the elements of humor and witticism packed into them. They present an idea or a story with the aid of fancy cartoons and graphical illustrations together with written dialogues and comments. They catch attention because they deal with diverse subjects in a light and hilarious manner. However, it is a wrong impression that all comics are humorous because a lot of them are based on serious subjects filled with drama and action. It has become excessively become popular not only to its many interesting fictional characters but also to its exciting plots. The various characters lure the readers from all age groups which catered for different stories and situations. They are able to relate with the characters as well as learn from how they deal with the circumstances in life. Soon, social issues and other sensitive topics were then created.

Huge enterprises have dominated the comic book world for decades now and with the advent of many forms of entertainment such as the television, video games, CDs and the Internet, the comic book craze seems to persist. To prove, Hollywood blockbusters such as Superman, Spiderman, Batman, X-men and Punisher are some successful superhero in their reel version also grabbing audiences that don’t read comics. Comic book stores also got its charm as they can be found anywhere. As a matter of fact, you can already shop for comic books online. Comics too are now available in the digital format.

Comics had a remarkable impact in every sector of our entertainment from television series to movies and from video games to leisure parks. In fact, unlike before, they are no longer censored. Literacy necessitates both familiarity and knowledge. So, if you want to be a comic literate, you must be accustomed with comics and be able to read the words and the pictures and how they link together. And if you are interested in writing a comic book, familiarity plays an important role. You should have a good understanding of how it works, the pacing, the rules and the format.

People today are intelligent to think that comic books can be of great value too, and, even if it can take out a bit of their time and money, it doesnt matter because they believe comic books are not just some shameful attempts to cut short in telling a good book.