Music and Jazz: Treasured Time

What type of music do you love the most? Majority of us would prefer the type of music that fits our personality, our style and fashion. In fact, we can use a certain type of music that projects our character. Music can be for a different purpose. It can be for entertainment, leisure, and also business. Most of us would use it for relaxation. Actually there is a lot of relaxing music to choose from. One of which is jazz. This type of music is commonly known out from its smooth and cool rhythm. If you are a musician you would probably define it as a type of music that requires uniqueness and skills. As we can see majority among people who love jazz music are those who belong to mid-adults (thirty to fifty years of age). This is very true because at this age, they love to listen smooth, clear and relaxing music. This may be one of the techniques, they utilized to ease tensions at work, in the family, or in personal problems. This may be the reason why there are only few teenagers who love jazz music because usually at this age they don’t have much activity like adults. They would usually like to listen fast and loud music.

To know more about jazz from its past and up to this present time let's take a look on its timeline. The journey of jazz started way back during the slave trade period. The slaves were mostly composed of Africans. As we all know Africans have unique musical talents. At this time, they were transported into different places in the globe. Around 1700s most slaves were transferred to North America. About twenty percent of the slave population settled in that area. Few years later Africans transferred by their own to South America since slavery was still evident in North America.

Because of the slave’s positive contribution to the land, the authorities decided to transfer more Africans to the new world. At this time, there was also a mix of free colored individuals commonly known as the Creoles, the white people and the slaves in New Orleans. Creoles were believed to be the children of French slaves and the African slaves. At this same time Creole were treated special. They were sent to a high standard school and were trained in music. This was the time African related children learned more about music despite their family’s unique background of music.

Around 1800s there was a concert tour held in America. This was composed of a group of black Americans. They were popularly known as the jubilee singers at that time. In the concert, their audiences were white Americans. This was believed to be the first time when the white and black Americans joined together as one in a musical event. The black people’s achievement in jazz music helped them socialized with the white people.

In 1980s jazz music was widely known all over the globe up until the present times. The number of jazz musicians began to increase to the extent that more people were influenced by its unique, smooth and relaxing tune. Up until today jazz is considered as a diverse type of music, which can be enjoyed by different individuals in different setting. Because of its popularity, jazz music was applied in Grammy Award. Fortunately the first jazz musician awarded was a group of black Americans from New Orleans. 

In current times jazz is still alive and kicking. Its popularity is still accepted by a wide range of an audience coming from different places worldwide.  As we can see today most jazz music were modified and transformed to a more futuristic impact. Have you ever listened to hip hop and rap music? If you are talented in music you can really see that these types of music were derived from jazz.

Into addition, there are also other types of music that is made of jazz. Examples are soul, blues, and reggae music. Jazz is considered as a strong fundamental type of music, since there is now a lot of music derived out from it. Jazz is not only a music but a traditional spirit that dwells within us shaping our lives from past to future.