Lifestyle Modification and Drug Compliance

What are the leading causes of death among humans during this era of our existence? How did this all happen when, in fact, none of these diseases were around during the previous decades? Can we prevent these diseases? Are we at risk? These are some of the most common questions we often throw to our doctors. Foods like pork, meat and sweets are really tasty meals. It satisfies our appetite and makes us feel better. People become addicted with drinking all kinds of alcohol and finds pleasure in smoking a lot. Yes, it does satisfy but we must admit it never lasts. We never realize that the pleasure we feel during those moments would greatly contribute to the development of many diseases in the future. People usually engage in all sorts of activities that will place them at high risk for acquiring many diseases. Most of the time, they are not responsible for their actions failing to see beforehand the possible consequences of their actions.

There are many bacteria around that have evolved due to the negative behaviors of many individuals. Recent studies have shown that there are already numerous diseases that are previously curable that became difficult to treat nowadays. With the emerging discovery and utilization of medications, people also have the tendency to misuse such medications. Antibiotics, for example, these medications should be taken religiously as prescribed and what do people do? They often skip doses and fail to complete the entire duration of taking the drug. As a result, the bacteria that caused a certain disease have developed a resistance to the drug making it difficult to kill the bacteria and treat the disease. The doctor would then prescribe another antibiotic, usually of a different generation or otherwise increase the dosage. A perfect example with regards to misuse of medications is tuberculosis. During the previous decades, this disease is highly feared because it was known to be incurable but with recent developments in pharmacology it became curable. However, together with this improvement came another threat to the health of humans as the Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis started to affect many people. It took the lives of thousands and the casualties are increasing everyday. Everyone is at risk of developing resistance to many drugs and there are still many diseases around that are drug resistant and people should realize that medications are important aspects of treatment, and it is a responsibility to comply with what is prescribed.

Cardiovascular diseases are usually on top of the list among the common causes of death in humans. Lifestyle plays an important role in managing many heart problems. It only requires proper diet, exercise and stress management. All of us are at high risk for developing heart problems in the future most especially if it is heredo-familial. With regards to diet, it is very important to decrease foods high in cholesterol and increase those that are high in fiber to help dissolve fats in the body. Fats usually deposit in the arteries of the heart developing into plaques that block the flow of blood resulting to ischemia or deprivation of oxygen. This is the major reason why people experience a heart attack. People with a sedentary lifestyle, specifically those “couch potato” individuals, who prefer staying at home watching television and eating junk foods, are candidates for developing heart problems. These individuals are known to have poor circulation and due to this fact, their health is in jeopardy. People should also limit the intake of many processed foods since these are known to have very high sodium content that increases the blood pressure of many individuals. Sweets in excess are also not friendly to the body because this predisposes an individual to develop diabetes mellitus, which is the condition that greatly affects older people.

Many people are also affected with sexually-transmitted diseases because of risky behaviors like unprotected sex, polygamy and drug addiction. People should realize that these behaviors will greatly affect their lives and activities of daily living. What’s worst in indulging with such behaviors are that they are prone to acquiring AIDS, a disease that is incurable up to this very moment. The cases of HIV and AIDS continue to rise and debilitate many people. This condition is really difficult to manage because it incapacitates the body’s defenses giving an opportunity for opportunistic infections to occur. It is very important to teach people to abstain, use condoms, avoid multiple sex partners and live a life that is not risky.

As a famous line in a song goes “too much of something is bad enough” it is really important to know one's limitations. Everything should always be in moderation. Education is the key to increase the awareness of many individuals about their health. It helps them acquire optimum health.