Teaching Your Kids to Paint

Bonding with your children is probably one of the most fulfilling moments, especially if you, as a parent, got so tied-up most of the time with work. Many people say that the laughter and hug of your kids are irreplaceable as such are not only expressions of love, but it also serves as therapeutic regimens that dissolve everyday stress and hang-up. Hence, it is very helpful among parents to really spend quality time with their children. This does not only make their children happy but this kind of bonding moments will also benefit the parents in a lot of ways.

One of the easiest and less expensive forms of bonding moments with your kids is to teach them about arts and crafts. Aside from the idea that this will strengthen your relationship with your kids, this will also hasten your kid’s appreciation to arts and improve his/her creative skills. Nowadays, painting is being considered by many as a great form of recreation as well as the bonding moment with kids and parents. It does not involve expensive materials nor complicated planning – all that are needed are few simple coloring materials, pen, papers, and a table.

The following are some tips on how to teach your kids to paint as well as not forget the fun that goes with it:

1. At their very young age, your kids will appreciate large and colorful objects. Because of this, it is best and effective to have coloring materials that are bigger in size so as to attract the attention of your children. Furthermore, it would help if the packaging of your coloring materials will have attractive drawings and decorations that entice children to draw and color. Of course, parents should always check if these coloring materials contain toxic materials. It should be taken into consideration that there were some children who got ill because of the toxic materials found in the content of the coloring materials used.

2. Kids have their own minds. Parents should let their kids do their own style in painting. Let them enjoy it by letting them be themselves through their artwork. Let them draw whatever they want and let them use whatever color they want to paint. Art is an expression; hence, there is no right or wrong. It is a free-flowing of thoughts and creativity. Also, parents should not forget to appreciate their kid’s masterpiece. It is a great deal among children that their parents love what they have achieved. It boosts their confidence if they see that their parents are proud of them.

3. Aside from coloring materials, brushes also play a great factor in the way kids appreciate the art of painting. Children usually prefer wide brushes because it is easy to hold, and that it produces large images, something that kids would really appreciate more. The bigger the image, the appealing it is for children.

4. As parents, always show your appreciation to your kid’s artworks by posting it to your room or to the refrigerator’s door. It would mean a lot to your children. Also, this will encourage your children to do more in painting, much more – to do their very best.

5. Patience. It takes patience in dealing with the mess and sometimes tantrums of your children during painting session. Always remember that painting is supposed to be fun and not should be done in force. Parents should be patient about their kids – if they ask too many questions, or they do not want their coloring materials, or they do not want to paint at the moment. Remember, kids are kids.