Talking about the Thai Heritage

There are several types of heritage. These are cultural, traditional and the natural heritage. As of now we are to talk about the Thai heritage. What comes up to your mind when we talk about the Thai heritage? You might be thinking about Thailand with its different inheritance. In that situation, you are correct. First let’s orient ourselves to Thailand. It is a land that is bounded from the south by the Gulf of Siam, on the west by Burma, on the east by Laos, and lastly on the southeast by Cambodia. Thailand is divided into five parts. These are the north, central plains, northeast, southeast and the peninsular Thailand.

Now let’s talk about its ethnic origins. It is believed that most people in Thailand belong to the Thai ethnic group. Most of them were utilizing the Thai language. Thailand’s cultural heritage is unique and natural. Their livelihood is better than other countries in Asia. They have their two basic elements in their diet. These elements include the rice and fish together with a small amount of fruits and vegetables. Their type of housing was based on the tropical location of their land. They designed their houses to prevent direct sunlight and rain from going into the interior part of their homes. For rural houses, they just utilized the material called Bamboo covered by woven bamboo walls and leaf roofs. Their rationale for building this kind of house is to have a good sanitation and protection. We can see how the Thai people live in a natural way. Inside their city, we can see more of their modernized and substantial housing.

That’s all for Thailand’s cultural heritage. Now let’s move on to Thailand’s traditional heritage. Just like other countries in Asia the Thai people also had their festivals. These events are associated be their religions. Because Thailand is divided into several parts, each part has its own festival. Among their festival includes “Song Hran”, which is the start of the Solar year. This festival begins on April, which falls to the fifth month of the Thai lunar year. During their festival, they usually practice honoring their Buddhist images and their monks. Their festival usually lasts for about three days. Another known festival in Thailand is the “Kathrin”; this is celebrated by the Thai people after the gathering of crops. This celebration involves giving gifts and articles to their monks.

Natural heritage of Thailand is another interesting topic to talk about. Thailand is considered to be an agricultural country. Majority of its people survived the livelihood through farming. Thailand is also surrounded by forest like other Asian countries. It is half of Thailand, which is forested. The Thai people are intelligent because they found a way how to utilize their forest resources. Different woods coming from Thailand’s forest were used to make boats, baskets, houses,  home office furniture and other useful non-living materials. Other forms of livelihood such as fishing are popular in Thailand. During old times, there were many fish ponds constructed. Few years later they began trading fishes. It is evident that Thailand is a good growing country. There is no other place on earth as simple as Thailand. It is truly a great place to live in.